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Learn From Those Who Know Best: BBQ Edition

Friday - June 29th, 2018
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Barbecue is a mouth-watering summer favorite. With so many ways to do it, we want to share some of the best, award-winning recipes from a couple of BBQ giants.

We have all heard of Sweet Baby Ray’s. Well, who better to show us how to make grilled ribs than them?



Did you know that Jack Daniels is famous for more than their whiskey? This is one of their favorite beef barbecue recipes for summer.


BBQ Grill or Grill


Blend together Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavor Smokey Barbecue Sauce, Soy Sauce, Dijon Mustard and Olive oil with a whisk in a medium sized bowl to make the marinade.

Trim any excess fat and slash the remaining fat outside to stop it curling during cooking. Add the steak and coat thoroughly with the marinade and leave in a cling filmed bowl in the fridge. Leave to marinate for a minimum of 1 hr and up to 24 hours dependent on how strong you like the smokey Jack Daniel’s® flavor.

Pre-heat the BBQ or Grill to high. Place the steaks on the hot BBQ or Grill for 3-5 mins for medium rare; turning halfway through cooking time. If you prefer well done, cook for a few minutes longer.

Serve with a crisp mixed salad and oven baked potato wedges.