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The Important Connection Between Flossing and Prostate Cancer

Friday - June 8th, 2018
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Did you know that men are more likely to neglect their oral health compared to women? If you’re a woman reading this, you probably did. Well guys, this week’s blog is all about you. In light of National Men’s Health Week (June 11-17), we’re sharing some insights on how oral health affects prostate cancer.

Let’s start with the root of it all (sorry, we couldn’t resist): gum disease. Research shows that the percentage of men with gum disease outnumber that of women from the ages of 30 and on. To refresh your memory on gum disease, irregular brushing and flossing increases the amount of bacteria around the gums and over time the bacteria is likely to seep between the teeth and gums, causing inflammation of the blood vessels first in the mouth and then the rest of the body. From there, disease causing bacteria can enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Understanding gum disease will help make sense of how oral hygiene impacts men’s health, in particular, prostate cancer. Prostate cancer causes lower levels of testosterone, which is found to be an indicator of gum disease according to a recent study by Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. Because a high percentage of men, one in seven to be exact, will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, this discovery is extremely important.

The mouth is severely underrated when it comes to talking about health. Health experts have acknowledged that the mouth is the entry point for most medical conditions, though few prescribe any treatment above the neck. So, remember: brushing and flossing are the beginnings of lifelong wellness!