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Make Brushing Fun

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Children often view brushing their teeth as another chore, and one that they like to avoid whenever possible. There’s no better time than Children’s Dental Health Month to change this perception and here’s how:

It’s no secret that kids love games, so why not make brushing teeth a game?

This can be an especially great tactic for rounding up multiple children to brush their teeth. One way to make brushing a game is to see who brushes their teeth for the full time (2 minutes is the recommended duration for brushing) by giving each child their own timer. Also having some kind of reward system, like a brushing chart to track all the times a child brushes his or her teeth, would help incentivize the routine.

Lead by Example Brushing your teeth with your kids not only shows them that brushing is an important step in your morning and nightly routine, but it can be an activity that they can then look forward to doing together.

Practice Makes Perfect – When kids practice brushing their dolls teeth or maybe helping to brush a pets teeth it teaches them the importance of oral hygiene and also makes them feel like brushing experts who know just how to do it. Another approach would be to have young children practice brushing your teeth. They will find this activity a fun role reversal and can serve as an opportunity to show them how to properly take care of their own teeth.

Personalize Brushing – Young children, especially those with siblings, tend to want to establish their own identity early on by having toys and belongings that are clearly theirs. For that reason, one way to get kids excited about brushing their teeth is when they have a toothbrush that is special for them. This could be a toothbrush that’s just their favorite color, one that is battery operated or one that is branded by their favorite movie or TV show. Having their favorite flavor or specially branded toothpaste can also boost excitement around brushing.