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Saliva: Your Secret Weapon Against Cavities

Monday - January 22nd, 2024
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Did you know saliva plays an important role in your mouth’s health? It’s made up of enzymes, proteins, and minerals that help ward off bacteria. Your body also uses saliva to communicate a variety of important responses.

Protection for Your Mouth

Saliva defends your teeth from cavities by helping clean away food debris after you eat. Acidic byproducts from bacteria and food buildup can develop cavities so saliva flow helps keep the acid at bay. It also remineralizes your tooth enamel keeping it strong and fends your mouth from bad breath germs since it has antibacterial compounds. In many ways, it’s like having a mini army defending your teeth against harmful bacteria!

Beware of Dry Mouth Symptoms

On the other hand, having a lack of saliva is a red flag for your oral health. Dry mouth leaves your teeth without protection and consequently, your mouth becomes more susceptible to developing cavities as well as gum disease. Unfortunately, as we get older, our saliva production decreases. Other factors that can reduce saliva flow include medications, dehydration, and certain diseases.

Tips for Boosting Saliva Flow

If you are experiencing dry mouth symptoms (temporary or long-lasting), follow the tips below to help relieve them:

Our best advice for resolving dry mouth is to visit a dentist. At Castle Dental we are happy to help you with your symptoms so book an appointment today! Remember addressing your dry mouth symptoms will help bring back the protection you need to fight against cavities!