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Smile! It’s Good for You

Ever wonder why a good hearty laugh and a happy smile makes you feel so good? As it turns out, the simple act of smiling delivers some powerful health benefits. Smiles are an Immune Booster. Laughing and smiling release serotonin, a hormone and neurotransmitter in the body which contributes to your feelings of happiness and…

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Top Back to School Tips for Healthy Teeth

Summer is almost over and the start of the new school year is fast approaching. Are you ready? Have you completed your back to school shopping? Have you started implementing your school year routine? Have your kids gone to the dentist recently? When you want to set your kids up for success in the new…

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Get Ready for Back to School Early

Back to school time can be stressful for both kids and parents. With new and changing schedules and routines, it can be hard to deal with. It’s always a better idea to be over prepared than under prepared, especially when it comes to getting ready for the new school year. But preparedness isn’t just for…

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