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The Importance of Military Dentists

Wednesday - May 17th, 2023
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With Armed Forces Day approaching, we wanted to focus on and honor our military dentists! Since the American Revolution, dental care has been a part of the military. As decades progressed, dentists have become important members of our troops and their work should not be overlooked.

Because they may be the only dental provider in areas they are deployed to, military dentists have to be highly skilled in many areas of dentistry. Not only do they have the responsibility of providing routine and preventive dental care such as checkups and dental cleanings, but they also have to treat combat-related injuries.

Military Dentists at Castle Dental

We are honored to have active and retired military dentists among our team of expert dentists and your general dentist at your local Castle Dental office may be one! Dr. Alan Walker is one of our dentists and a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. During his nine years of service, he had the opportunity to learn many different areas of dentistry such as oral surgery and dental sleep medicine. The Army encouraged him to expand his dental knowledge and taught him to practice to the best of his abilities. We are grateful for the dental experience that Dr. Walker and all our other military dentists have from their years of service.

Appreciating Military Dentists

As you know, oral health is an important part of one’s overall oral health. Because of this, the role of a military dentist is crucial – they help our troops be healthy and ready to serve. Let us remember the valuable and hard work military dentists provide and support them and thank them for their amazing service to our country!