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Things Worse Than Tooth Pain

Wednesday - August 15th, 2018
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We all know there’s no such thing as a “little” toothache. Any toothache hurts (A LOT), which is why your dentist is actually your friend (we swear!). So, with some difficulty, we managed to find five things more painful than your teeth aching.

1. Burning Your Mouth on a Hot Cup of Coffee

Your early morning bestie: coffee. The love between you and your morning cup is 100% real (we get it). And it’s all fun and games until you get burned (literally). Instead of enjoying the revitalizing beverage as anticipated, you’re unexpectedly left with a numb tongue and a mouth full of useless taste buds. It’s like having a Bath and Body Works coupon for a free travel-size signature item and it being expired when you go to checkout. All that built up excitement and expectation leave you just devastated-ugh.


2. When Netflix Stops Working

Whether you’re trying to binge watch Scandal or keep the kids entertained, when Netflix stops working, there’s a problem-and a big one. Oh, and let’s not even mention when it goes down mid-episode…


3. “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Five simple words that can unleash an unnatural amount of internal pain when put together. Those words are just crushing no matter who they’re said by.


4. Being Proposed to on National TV Just to Have the Guy Take It Back and Choose Someone Else

Bachelor nation has witnessed this tragedy not once, but TWICE. Two guys have both initially proposed to a girl, taken back their proposals, and then proposed to the girl they had earlier rejected. And while it was entertaining for viewers, we can only imagine the pain of those girls (Yikes!).


5. This Thing Called “Childbirth”

Moms, back us up here: childbirth is no joke. And the fact that some women give birth with no drugs, no numbing, nothing-well, except pain… *Mic drop*