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Three Tricks For Keeping Your Teeth White

Monday - April 2nd, 2018
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Three Tricks For Keeping Your Teeth White (Coffee Connoisseurs And Winos, This Is For You!)

No one wants to skip morning coffee or a glass of Syrah on account of keeping her teeth white. Of course, professional teeth whitening services allow you to see the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time (and we offer those!), but sometimes you just need a few DIY hacks. We have you covered there, too.

1. Morning coffee: check. Next up – lemon water. The beneficial acids from the lemon combined with water combat stains (and improves digestion/detoxifies). Use the same routine after you enjoy red wine – if it’s in the evening, try your lemon water hot for a soothing way to unwind before bed.
2. Use a metal straw. Straws help protect your teeth from staining molecules. Bonus points go to those who use a reusable metal version and skip out on the plastic.
3. A few times a week, brush with baking soda in addition to your toothpaste. It’s a mild abrasive that can help scrub away surface stains and easily fits in your daily brushing routine (you do brush twice a day, right?).

Here’s to having your cake (or coffee) and eating it too!