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Top 3 Ways to Keep Kids Active All Summer Long

Monday - July 10th, 2017
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We all know exercise is an important activity for growing kids. But just how important is it that kids remain active during the summer months? Without at least one hour of activity a day, weight gain and an increased BMI can lead to health problems that can last into adulthood. But there are so many ways to keep kids active, whether passively or actively. Limit the hours they stay inside watching TV and playing video games. Make exercise a family affair. Need some ideas? Check out our top three ways to keep your kids moving this summer!

Turn off the TV

TV is the biggest factor for keeping kids inactive. With services like Netflix and Hulu, it’s easy to stay in front of the TV all day catching up on shows. It’s recommended to limit TV time to around two hours a day, and to try to incorporate a physical element if possible. Some suggestions include jumping jacks during the commercials, or who could run up and down the stairs the fastest before the show comes back on.

Involve Friends

Sometimes, kids need to have friends or family to help motivate them. When they get bored of hanging out with Mom and Dad, having friends around will keep them active and outside. Just make sure they keep any mischief to a minimum and to stay safe, especially if they’re playing a physical game like hockey or tag football.

Day Camps

Communities often offer summer camps that last a day or a few weeks. They not only keep your kids active, but can be free or cost significantly less than school summer camps. Some great camps to check out are through the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It’s camps like these that help kids without backyards get out and play in a safe place with their friends.

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