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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Monday - March 6th, 2017
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March is all about women! This month is National Women’s History Month and marks International Women’s Day – which will be honored March 8th. Celebrate global sisterhood, self-love, the successes, achievements and issues still facing women around the world today!

Here are 5 great ways to observe, honor and celebrate International Women’s Day.

1. Treat Yourself – Many countries around the world regard International Women’s Day as a public holiday and workers are given the day off. Take a day this weekend and submerge yourself and the women in your life with self-care, beauty and love.

2. Paint the Town Purple – Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day. The choice of color dates back to the days of suffrage, symbolizing dignity and justice. This International Women’s Day gather a group of your boldest friends, through a party and douse yourself with everything and anything purple.

3. Get Involved – Join an organization dedicated to women’s issue. Donate, campaign and organize fundraisers to support programs that educate and empower women.

4. Have a Movie Marathon – Spend an evening with your favorite cinematic heroines. May their empowering on screen performance empower you!

5. Make a Pledge for Parity – Take the pledge and make the promise to help girls and women around the world accomplish their dreams, help close the gender gap in economics, politics and education. Spread the word! Use the campaigns official hashtag, #PledgeForParity.

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