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Why We’re Truly Thankful for Our Dentists

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Thanksgiving is approaching, and we’re certainly thankful for following our dentists advice. From flossing lessons to giving our mouths extra TLC, here are some top reasons were much healthier thanks to our dentists:

Flossing for a healthy smile.

Listening to your dentist’s flossing advice can get you on the way to a healthier smile. Flossing cleans bacteria from your teeth that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Good oral hygiene for strong teeth.

Giving your mouth the right care, like brushing regularly and getting the right amount of calcium, can help strengthen your teeth. That’s perfect for holiday celebrations where food abounds!

Gum care to avoid tooth sensitivities.

Floss regularly to remove bacteria that can infect your gums. This extra special gum care helps prevent gum sensitivity when you eat hot or cold food and drinks.

Mouthwash for fresh breath.

Don’t forget to swish around some mouthwash. It can kill the bacteria that linger in your mouth and cause bad breath, plus it leaves your mouth fresh and healthy.

Best care for a bright smile.

When you treat your teeth right every day and follow your dentist’s recommendations, you’ll find your pearly whites looking more pearly and white. Now that the holidays are here, it’s a perfect opportunity to show off a dazzling smile.

Following the advice of our dentists can lead to a lifetime of healthy, bright teeth’and we’re sure thankful for that!