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Back-to-School Dental Tips

Is your child excited to go back to school? Let Castle Dental keep your child smiling all year round. Their oral health may not be on your mind during this season but don’t worry! We came up with a simple checklist to help ensure your child enjoys a healthy grin! Fresh Smile for the New…

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Back to School Shopping Essentials

With school just around the corner, there’s a ton of preparation to be done. Along with setting up carpool, signing up for sports and music lessons, and finding a tutor or two, there’s the stressful task of back-to-school shopping. And while that long list of school “necessities” can seem daunting, fear not! Below are some…

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Top Back to School Tips for Healthy Teeth

Summer is almost over and the start of the new school year is fast approaching. Are you ready? Have you completed your back to school shopping? Have you started implementing your school year routine? Have your kids gone to the dentist recently? When you want to set your kids up for success in the new…

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