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Three Tricks For Keeping Your Teeth White

Three Tricks For Keeping Your Teeth White (Coffee Connoisseurs And Winos, This Is For You!) No one wants to skip morning coffee or a glass of Syrah on account of keeping her teeth white. Of course, professional teeth whitening services allow you to see the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time (and we…

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Happy New You: Teeth Whitening Coupons & Financing

It’s a new year and a new you. That makes it the perfect time to invest in your smile. There are many ways to do this and, if you have been keeping up with your dental appointments, teeth whitening is the next step. Your perfect smile can fade over time, which is natural. Many of…

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Frequent Toothache? These Teeth Cleaning Tricks May Help

If you suffer from toothache pain frequently, it can be difficult to find immediate toothache relief. Pain from toothaches can often be debilitating, and finding a remedy should be done early to prevent further deterioration and increased severity of your condition. Your toothache may be caused by loose fillings, a cracked tooth, or an abscessed…

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Is Teeth Cleaning Important Before Teeth Whitening?

Everyone desires to have a set of lustrous white teeth, but a wide range of factors can leave you searching for a “dentist near me” to brighten your smile. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, and eating certain foods can discolor teeth over the years. At Castle Dental, we offer affordable teeth whitening and…

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