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Simple DIY Natural Toothpaste

Whether you are looking to save money, avoid the chemicals in store bought toothpaste, or just simply have fun making natural toothpaste – we’ve got some simple steps for your next home project. In just a few minutes, you can be brushing your teeth with healthy, natural toothpaste made from items that might already be…

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Why Is Flossing Teeth So Important?

We know that not many people really love to floss. Many tell themselves that flossing isn’t that important, or that flossing every now and again will suffice. But the American Dental Association recommends that you floss at least once a day to maintain good oral health. Why is it important? Flossing removes food particles and…

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5 Ways To Make The Tooth Fairy Love You

Although most kids don’t start losing baby teeth until around age 6, National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up February 28, and we think it’s a perfect way to begin the conversation about dental health. Here are some ways your kids can win the Tooth Fairy’s favor through sparkling, healthy teeth: Teach kids to avoid…

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Avoid Sugar Overload This Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, that usually means candy is everywhere at schools, offices, parties, you name it. And while I love myself a candy heart or a chocolate Kiss as much as the next person, as a dental hygienist I try to limit myself to just a couple bites since, obviously, eating too much…

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Your Healthy Back-to-School Checklist

Are your kids ready for their first day of school? While new clothes and school supplies are a likely on your list, don’t forget to cover the kids’ health from head to toe: • Annual physical exam. Try to get the kids to their pediatrician before the first day of school, so you don’t have…

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