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Sugar-Free Party Bag Fillers Everyone Will Enjoy

Springtime is the perfect season to throw a party. But often, kids leave with goodie bags filled with candy. Who says you need candy to celebrate your next occasion? Here are unique gift ideas that are way more fun for everyone: Stickers: Cute springtime stickers are easy to find, and kids love them! Tiny toys:…

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Candy From Us!

Dentists are usually pretty predictable this time of year: Your dentist tells you to stay away from Halloween candy, and the dentist on your street hands out toothbrushes, mini toothpaste tubes or pennies.This year, we thought wed take a bit of a different tack. Look, we know you’re going to eat candy. We get it.…

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5 Surprising Facts About Spinach

Why do we love National Spinach Day (March 26th)? Because it may be one of the healthiest food-related holidays of the year! Just check out some fun facts about it: Spinach is an edible, flowering plant native to central and western Asia. It is thought to have originated in Persia (modern day Iran) and was…

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Why We’re Truly Thankful for Our Dentists

Thanksgiving is approaching, and we’re certainly thankful for following our dentists advice. From flossing lessons to giving our mouths extra TLC, here are some top reasons were much healthier thanks to our dentists: Flossing for a healthy smile. Listening to your dentist’s flossing advice can get you on the way to a healthier smile. Flossing…

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Best Dental Care For Diabetes

Diabetes can put you at risk of various oral health complications, so it’s important for people with diabetes to take extra good care of their mouths. Here are key dental care tips to keep on your list: Try to keep blood glucose levels under control. High blood sugar can affect your entire body, including your…

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You Should Have This Kit

Most people have a first aid kit at home, sometimes even in their car or camping kit, but have you considered putting together an emergency dental kit? It can really come in handy in the event of a loose crown, toothache, broken or even knocked out tooth when you don’t have immediate access to a…

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Your Healthy Back-to-School Checklist

Are your kids ready for their first day of school? While new clothes and school supplies are a likely on your list, don’t forget to cover the kids’ health from head to toe: • Annual physical exam. Try to get the kids to their pediatrician before the first day of school, so you don’t have…

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